Well today was my Viva for my Final Year actually went quite well, well better then i thought it was going to go ^^

Basically the viva is when i present my Final Year Project in front of my Mentor (Chris) and my assignment second reader (Simon), i had to go over the process i used when animating and the overall outcome of that process.......this was then followed by questions from both Chris and Simon about the assignment and the reasons why i did certain things.

I think it went ok but i got the impression that when i was explaining what i had done to Simon he didn't fully understand, for instance when he asked me about the logic behind how colors can be identified even in black and white, no matter how i explained it he didn't seem to get the grasp of it.

using this example....


I tried to explain that even in black and white the different shades can represent different colors and it is just as important to understand how the colors will come across in a black and white scene....i got the feeling that he felt that this was total rubbish. if i could explain it again i would tell him how photographers use the same principles when creating back and white images, they uses different variation on grays to create the impression of separate colors.

either way it went ok and im sure that if i could do it again it might go a little smoother but its over now and i have no need to worry about it anymore. i said before i will be completing this animation over the next several months so this blog will be updated as usual so keep checking back.

on some other cool news, my final year project has been featured in the Hartlepool Mails part of a human interest piece that they wanted to do on me....As im in Middlesbrough at the moment and the article was in tonights paper i wont be able to get some scans of the paper in till i visit my hometown and grab a copy of the paper, so keep checking back and as i will get them uploaded asap.

by for now guys and glas.....keep safe and talk to you all again soon.