Problems Keep Coming.

Well im back at Uni now and the work load has took off again but im managing as best as i can so far.

I have had to make a little change to the things i am doing in the way of modelling for the project, basically im a Character Animator and i want to be able to show that in my project, the problem is that the modelling is taking longer that i had planned for and its going to leave me very little time for animation so i am forced to use a character model that i had come across a while ago.

From the model i will only be using the body as the head i will have to make so that it looks how i need it to, the reason for choosing this body is after look at the planned topology of my character and the topology of the body i will be using there are 90% identical and it would be as if i was creating something was already made (which i feel is pointless and a waist of time), i still need to put this across Chris but I would imagine that he would see it in the same sense.

Anyway i just wanted to let you all know how things are going as its been a while since my last post.

I have a meeting with Chris on Friday hopefully so i will update you all then.