1st Meeting

Well i had my first meeting with my mentor for my project (Chris Wyatt) and we had a talk about all my ideas and which one worked the best as an animation, after looking at the ideas and what each intalled we came to conclusion to do the animation titled The Dive.

The issue with all the animations was that the ending of them needed a lot of work as they fizzled out just before the end (the punch line), as The Dive animation had more of a scope for a conclusion this one was picked and its now in a process of scripting.

As i had forgot to take in my rendered images of my props and also hadn't placed them online at the time i wasn't able to get any feedback on them but i will be taken them to the next meeting so i will hopefully see what he feels about them.

Due to a short time limit on the meeting there wasn't much time to talk about much else so we left it at there but  my next meeting there will hopefully be more time to talk about things and i will be able to get a little more communicated between us both.

Till next time.