Hartlepool Mail!!!

Sorry i've not updated this sooner.....i've been quite busy suffering from cold and trying to get my life into order now im no longer a student.

So as i said in my last post....my final year project was featured in the Hartlepoool Mail and i managed to get hold of a copy of the paper.

There is now a PDF version of the article for you to download if you are having problems reading the images or if you would like a copy for yourself. DOWNLOAD

Click Image For Larger Version

So ye thats the post......like i said i would have updated sooner but i've just been to busy but now that im getting back to things i thought i would let those of you who haven't been checking my other blogs see the post.

If you are wondering how the animation is going.....im not really working on it at the moment as i want to start the animation again but with better movement...so im working on improving my animations before i set to work on this animation again.

please dont think it wont be completed and updated as it will be so keep on following me even if there are no updates for a while as wouldn't want to lose your valued interest.

thank you for sticking with me and i will talk to you soon.

  • Dude, get in touch with me and id be happy to have a one to one with you to have a look at your dive animation.


  • Thanks dude, at the moment im just working on small test animations.....going through the principles of animation and improving my skill level.

    but when i start at it again i would love to get some help from you.

    or if your willing to go over a animation session with me on any animation really i would really love that.