Marks Are Back

Well i got my marks back for The Dive animation and i must say that although i wish in total my grades where better i am happy with the mark for this project.

so when i got my assignment back it said that my mark was 60 but next to it it said 57 and im not totally sure about why this is but the actual module mark was 59.

so in total its a pass so im over the moon about that and i am still working on it to make the animation even better for my showreel, im working on new assets for the scene and new background and rendering techniques so that it will look AMAZING when i do my final render.

i will be updating again on the site soon but i've got some other things i need to work out still first.........if you're wanting to keep up to date with my other posts remember i also have my Animation Diary and my Personal Diary that i post on whenever i have a chance to there always a way to keep up to date with me.

now before i go i just want to say thank you to everyone still following this blog and for keeping your subscription to my RSS and eMail service, its your support that keep this project going strong and i hope that i can get some more stuff out to you soon.