Quick Update

Hey peeps, well as you know my FYP is now handed in and on its way to being marked but i still have my Viva to do so im still working on my animation so that i can show improvement during my presentation.

To help me out with my animation and hopefully improve my skills i had one of the best video calls ever from an master of animation called DJ Nicke, ye is currently working on the new Dreamworks movie MegaMind due to be released 3rd December 2010.

here a quick trailer for it -

And if you are interested at all he has a Webinar coming up soon that i would suggest you sign up for - HERE

So anyway, ye thanks to his call i managed to push past a massive mental block i had come to in my animation. i am now able to see what i was struggling with and fix them problems.

I can only imaging what i would learn from just watching him work and getting one on one lessons with him like the one over Skype.

Anyway as said this is just a quick update to let you all know im still working on this animation and will be until it is fully completed.

unlike the one from last year (The Button) i feel i can really finish this animation and with a little time and effort it could be a very strong showreel piece.

well, till next time peeps keep safe.