8th Meeting

Today was my 8th meeting with Chris (my mentor).

it went really well, we discussed what i need to include in my dissertation and how to go about ensuring the best mark possible.

we also looked at my rig to work out what was wrong with it but although it only happened 10% of the time during the meeting (and 100% of the time when im at home) we couldn't work out why it was doing it but it does cripple my animation progress if it keeps up, we tried saving a file on his computer to try on my computer which i will be doing later.

Anyway on a bad note, after getting back from the meeting....all the reference images i had saved throughout the year are missing...i have looked on every USB and External drive i have and there is no sign of them.

the only copy of them i have is the 2 images placed on this blog - HERE & HERE

i can still use these images but there are very low res on here so its not going to be the best when its printed out.

i could also use the images to find the original images on google image but as it took me over a year its going to be hard to get them all back.

anyway thats all i have for now, so im going to get back to the dissertation write up as i have a lot to do.