9th Meeting

Well as the keen followers of my blog will know my digital hand-in for my report is on Monday and im still working my ass off on it as im worried i wont have it done in time.

Today i went in to see Chris and work out what i needed to include in my animation and my report. we worked out that there isn't enough in the way of animation so i need to work on that a hell of a lot more so that i can present my skills better.

Another thing is that he felt that i needed to work on my report a hell of a lot more as im not selling all the work i did enough, so im going to go back and make sure i talk about things like things i have learnt from tutorials and other sources, also i need to talk about my scene more as at the moment i only have 1 page and half of it is images at the moment so a lot more work is needed on that section.

There was a hell of a lot more we talked about as well but since as i said i only have till monday i need to get on with it so i will end it here.

my next post will most likely be on late Sunday or early Monday.

so till then keep safe peeps ^_^