Not As Far As I Thought

Well if you read my last post i stated that i would be uploading some images of my character and that i would have the mesh, rig and texturing done.

Well that didn't go to plan as you may have already guessed as my post was on 11th and i said that the images would be up on the 12th......little late and still not what i would have hoped.

The reason for this is because i have had so many issues with the modelling that it just wasn't working.

One of my main issues was that i opened my scene file and the characters mesh ended up looking like this...

I couldn't work out why it was doing this but from what i could tell was that since i hadn't frozen the model since i started the mesh had created some sort of defect.

I managed to work this problem out by opening it up on a friends computer and freezing the modelling then deleting all the meshes that made up the character and then saving the scene again and once again testing it out on my computer to find that this worked fine.

Now i have the mesh looking exactly as i wanted it to (with a few exceptions) and i now need to work on the rig and the texturing although i feel that texturing will become a problem when it comes to the mouth.

Here is what i have so far (that works and looks right)...

Character Mesh Head Character Mesh Hand Character Mesh Side Character Mesh Front

Well thats it for this update, i hope to have the rig done by the next update so until then i hope you all keep well and safe.

bye for now