7th Meeting

Well yesterday me and Chris finally managed to get together for a meeting and it all went as well as it could have gone.

We talked about what i  had done so far and if i thought that i would be able to get the work load done in the remaining 5 weeks (although we thought it was 7 weeks before i just check now :'(  ).

This means that im just going to have to work my ass off on this work and get everything done asap.

By the end of tomorrow my rig and textring for that rig should be finished, i'll be uploading images of that mesh as soon as its doen so keep a look out for it.

So back the meeting, we talked about what i felt i could do inthe short time. I feel that since there isn't much time left and that the animation focus is mainly at the end of the animation i will be polishing that bit of animation (the part where he reaches the top of the board onwards) and then i will have blocking up till that point, this way i still have a strong animation without losing any/much of the story behind it.

This is only a short version of the meeting as i have a lot of work to do and need to get back to it so i will talk to you all soon.

QUICK NOTE - I've uploaded some images i did near the start of the production that i forgot about let me know what you think by leaving a coment.....thank you - Images Here