Shot List

Well its taking me a while to work out what i want the final peace to look like but i think i might have nailed it down this time ^_^

During this week as i said before is Animex week, this is where a load of people from different companies in Animation and Games all come together at Teesside University to talk about what the company does and what they look for when hiring as well as other things.

Well during one of the lecturers i found myself inspired and needed to write down what i was thinking, turned out what i was thinking was what animation for my FYP will look like.

Anyway i ended up writing out 3 pages and im hoping to show the god that is Ed Hooks and get his thoughts on it.

Hopefully he will like it but if not he might be able to give me pointers on what i need to improve on.

So here is what i wrote.

Start with shot of poster of the high dive act.

Émile is leering over the wooden pool noticing how small and shallow it is.

(The look on Émiles face will tell the audience what he is feeling)

He puts his hands out and taps a leaf that is floating on the top of the calm water.

He hears a sound and sharply turns around to see his boss standing behind him and ordering him to start the act.

(Although his boss is half the height of Émile, the boss shows greater power and authority through his body language where as Émile is closed off and in a protective stance)

Émiles head drops and his body gives the impression of a school boy being told off by his teacher.

His boss leaves and Émile begins to get himself mentally prepared for the climb.

He finds himself struggling to lift his head an look up at the top of the ladder where the diving board awaits him.

When he feels he is ready for the climb ahead he places his foot on the ladder abd in a very nervous state starts to work his way up to the top.

He continues to climb but with each step it becomes harder and harder to go much higher.

Émile suddenly finds himself looking down and comes to realize how high up he is.

He quickly grabs hold tighter and pulls himself closer to the ladder so that there is little more then a couple of millimeters between the ladder and his body.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small A5 size photo of him and his family, he looks at it for a while and soon finds the inspiration and courage he needed to keep on going.

(This is so what the audience will have the idea that he is doing this for them, so what they have money)

He puts the photo back and continues climbing, suddenly his footing slips and he almost falls, this shakes him up and bring back all the fear and worry that he started off with but with the image of him family still fresh in his head he continues.

He soon makes it to the top of the ladder but still struggles to compose himself and pull himself over the top and onto the board.

He takes a deep breath and pulls himself over while remaining very low and close to the board.

Slowly he begins to rise to his feet, holding onto the railing so not to slip and fall.

Making sure to stay balanced be moves closer to the edge but soon regrets doing it as he sees how high up he is and how faraway it is from the bottom.

He stumbles back in fear and grabs the railing so not to fall.

After a short time he recomposes himself and pulls out the photo of his family again, but this time it doesn't help him, he still can't do it.

But within seconds of him taking it out the winds of the high heights pick up and blow the photo out of his hand.

He runs after it but within seconds of him doing so he soon realizes that he has run off the edge of the diving board and is on his way down to the water below.

(or is he ^_^.....funny is he missed, as for him falling, the camera will stop at the diving board and he will fall this is so that the audience a) dont witness the death if there is one. b) The audience can come to there own conclusions of what happens at the end. and c) so what the animation runs to the time limit set at the beginning of the project)

Well that is the idea for now, as i said i will be showing it to Ed Hooks during the week and if there are any changes (and there most likely will) i will write them out and let you all know.

In the mean time please let me know what you think of it and what you feel i could imporve on.

Talk to you all soon.