Well as you may remember from my last post i was going with Chris this week.

Last Thursday he contacted me and said that it may be better to have the meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week instead, sadly i believe that me and Chris both forgot about this and ended up not having the meeting at all.

In some ways this is a good thing as its helped me get more done and work a little harder.

So in the next meeting (whenever it may be) i'll have more to show him and get hopefully more feedback.

Now on to next week, over next week there wont be any updates or work being done (well not as much as current) as its Animex week at my University, this means im going to be working on Almost finished work that i have yet to complete so that i have a show reel at on Wednesday at the latest to show to the speakers and visitors to the university, i wish that i was further with my FYP so that i could show this but due to major computer issues and problems with time management i sadly not at the point i should be by now, its starting to effect my other modules as well a little so its starting to become serious.

Taking time out for Animex may not be the wisest choice but its the better choice in my opinion for my future.

Anyway i thought it best to let you all now what will be happening.

In the mean time i've just uploaded some new images from my texturing work, its just 3 of the texture images i made to use in my FYP but its still something that might be work checking out.

Well, till next time have a great time and i hope to see you at Animex if your going ^_^.