New Shot List/Script

Well im not regretting do this during the lecture im in as the guy speaking is talking about everything im trying to work on at the moment and telling us how to do it really well. I'll just have to steel the notes of people ^^

Anyway i've now got a new and hopefully final script/shot list, i'll be running it past Ed later today and seeing what he thinks but i hope that things are ok with it.

If he does find a major problem with it i may need to just carry on with it and then in the next project take on board what he has said as its getting close to the end of the project and i will need to hand it in soon.

So my new one is this, let me know what you think.

Before you read this (just encase you haven't read the other posts) i'll set the scene.

So the animation is set in 1890's france at old circus, a young man called Émile is going to dive from the 60 foot call diving board.....The animation is in a black and white color sytle and using comedy referance from Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy.

So here is the new script/shot list......

Start with shot of poster of the high dive act.

Émile is leering over the wooden pool noticing how small and shallow it is.

(The look on Émiles face will tell the audience what he is feeling)

He puts his hands out and taps a leaf that is floating on the top of the calm water.

He finds himself struggling to lift his head and look up at the top of the ladder where the diving board awaits him.

When he feels he is ready for the climb ahead he places his foot on the ladder and in a very nervous state starts to work his way up to the top.

He continues to climb but with each step it becomes harder and harder to go much higher.

Émile suddenly finds himself looking down and comes to realize how high up he is.

(The focus on the camera skews as taking reference from the effect that Alfrid Hitchcock established in his movie Vertigo)

He quickly grabs hold tighter and pulls himself closer to the ladder so that there are little more than a couple of millimetres between the ladder and his body.

He gathers his confidence and keeps going still remaining close as he can to the ladder.

His footing gives way and he almost falls, while holding onto the ladder with one hand he struggles to get himself back in control.

He squirms around trying to get his hands back on the ladder (using Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy).

He manages to regain control and keeps on climbing.

He soon makes it to the top of the ladder but still struggles to compose himself and pull himself over the top and onto the board.

He takes a deep breath and pulls himself over while remaining very low and close to the board.

He takes hold of the railing at the top of the board and slowly rises to his feet, as he does this see finds that his legs have turned to jelly and he is unable to stand up very well.

He tries to hold his legs and make them ridged so that he can stand but this doesn’t work, he soon manages to take control, get himself together and stand up straight.

He walks toward the end of the board still remaining as low to the board as he can as he gets closer to the edge.

As he looks over the edge of the board his vertigo takes control again and his eyes widen and face becomes expressive of a man feeling sick.

He knows he needs to do this dive so he moves back to the ladder and crosses his heart so has a little prier to god.

He runs to the edge as if to do a big extravagant jump but as he gets to the very end he slows down and jumps off holding his hat and his nose and tucks his legs in.
So this will be shown to Ed later today and i will let you know what he thinks about it.

Anyway i will leave it at that and i will write more later.

By for now