More Feedback

Ok, so i and talked with Ed tonight at the Animex Lounge and told him about the changes to the animation.

With the latest revision of the shot list he said that now i have an animation that works, im still unsure on the ended and i got the feeling that so was he but i'll do the blocking for the animation and send him a link and hopefully he will get back to me with what he thinks about it.

When i go onto the animation stage (again) i'm going to follow what i have learnt at Animex in the production techniques and the plan of action as it where that the big companies use in there projects.

Anyway, i just wanted to let you have a quick update on what he thought about it and what i im going to be doing.

He did say that i should try some different comedy as we have all seen the almost falling off a ladder and swinging to gain control act before so i need to use something that hasn't been done before (well, lets just say over used....something new is impossible ^^).

I'll be working on this after next week as i need to go on hold in production just while i get my CCA sorted as its a little far behind and needs to be done.

Anyway, till next time keep safe and keep visiting.