Character Profile - Émile

Well i've been thinking about this a lot all night, since my last post and since Ed had his talk with me.

I now feel that although this animation is moving to a place that i wasn't planning on taking it at the start it could still be brought back but while still using the advice that Ed has given me.

So my new story is that Émile is the only character now, there is no bird (although i may go and do an animation including a bird at some i like the idea for it, i just dont feel it would work in a silent black and white movie style i could be wrong), we only have Émile and his act of jumping from the 60 foot tall diving board.

He is still nervous about doing this act as his fear of heights is taking control of him, but he knows that he has a job to do and he must overcame this fear to do his job.

Using what Ed said i've made sure to include a conflict and a thought process.

The conflicts are Situation and Self, situation because he has a job to do but its on a very high level diving board and it is terrifying to him and self because he knows he needs to do it but his vertigo is stopping him.

Ed talked about how your character needs to have....


At the start Émiles action is getting himself ready for the dive, his objective is to dive off that board and land in the water his obstacle is his fear or the heights he will be at.

When he starts climbing a new action takes place and he is now climbing the ladder, the objective is still the same as before (to dive off into the pool) but his obstacle now is that vertigo is starting to take effect and its causing him to lose balance.

He continues up with the same Objective....(the objective wont change until that objective is complete or a new objective is found), Obstacle at this point is that his footing slips and he almost falls causing a new action of grabbing the ladder and pulling himself closer to it and wrapping his arms around it.

Now as i'm still working on this since Ed only just talked to me today and im not a writer im an animator, so im not sure on how to end it.

I do feel that i follow the rules set out quite well and i dont feel that there is one point in that animation where i wouldn't be able to pause the scene and ask that character "what are you doing right now", this is what as animators we try and create and i think i may have managed it (finally ^_^).

So i did a quick Character Profile as the title of the post might have already told you so this is what i have.

Name: Émile
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 2"

Diet: Vegetarian (for health reasons).

Dreams: To be able to support his family and make sure they never struggle for anything in life and to make his mother and father proud.

Health: Energetic and lively, great physical and mental health.

Social Statues: Lower middle class, never has been or strives to be in a position of power.

Ethnicity: White.

Cultural Heritage: Comes from a family of French circus acts including high dive acts, tight rope acts and human cannon ball acts.

IQ: An Educational IQ based on a home schooling but a very high knowledge in performances in the circus.

Education: Home schooled by the people who work around the circus but didn’t learn much due to their basic educational knowledge.

Adrenaline Moments: Feel from the high wire when a small child which caused him to develop a fear of heights.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Physical Stature: Tall, thin and spindly.

Income: Low wage of around 240F.

Profession: Circus performer

Favorite Music: French accordion music.

I feel i can look at this list and see everything that is needed to be known about the character without any problems.

I'll write out what i hope to be my final script/story tomorrow during lecturers and then show it to Ed again and hopefully get a better response off him...(one that doesn't make me feel like shooting myself lol), but im sure it will be ok.

At the end of the day, and he said it himself......what he says is his opinion, just cos its coming form Ed Hooks doesn't mean that the word is law and you can't do it as an animation.

Everyone has different tastes and likes and dislikes......if we didn't there wouldn't be any variety, so what might be something that isn't that great to me might make the person sat net to me laugh there head off....its all about personal preference...("you can't please everyone, but its worth a try").

So i will update again once i get a reply from Ed.

Also i will be hopefully showing some work at animex party tomorrow, sadly all i have is my showreel from last year but its worth a shot at sticking a image portfolio in there and seeing what they say.

Anyway till then i'll leave you all and go get some sleep as its an early start again tomorrow.

Good Night World.