This Can't Be Happening!!!

Ok i have just over a week left and this had to happen NOW ! ! !

i was animating another section of the scene and for some reason no matter what i do i find that my rig screws up so very very much.

i think i can fix it but it will take me longer then the time i have left, if i do fix it i wont have time to animate it for the final hand in but i will have it working for when i head out to complete the animation after the hand-in is over.

I want this animation done for my showreel, so either way it will be completed but i really can't see it happening for the hand-in in a weeks time.

I still have my full dissertation to write and although i can take a lot of it from this blog i still have a lot of work to do for it.

anyway this is the problem i am having, i have taken some screen grabs so you can get a better idea.

Twisted Spine

Twisted Spine 2

Twisted Spine Close-up

To fix this problem i would have to remove the XSI Spine as i feel that this is coursing the problem and create a 3 bone spline in its place, although i believe this part is quite simple the enveloping on the other hand will not as i struggled to get the it right in the first instance.

I will have to go over it with Chris on Monday and see if i can be marked on the full production of the animation (rigging, envoloping, texturing, modelling, etc).

If i can get him to agree to this i will be able to hopefully have a shot at getting at the very least a 2-2.

anyway i hope you can follow what i was saying here and i also you are still interested in the progression i am making, both negative and positive. if i have learned one very important thing about doing this project it is that problems will always just can never tell where and when they will happen.

anyway thats it for this post, so till next time.

keep well and keep animating.