Animatic Part 1

Here is the first part of my animatic, not completely there yet but im still working at it.

The font is just a stock one till i find a better one as well.

  • Loving the music, i think it goes really well with the piece :)

    Will something be written on the a-board at the start like 'watch the amazing hive dive' or something along those lines so that people know what they're watching?

    The rough animatic is looking really good so far love

    x x x x

  • Thanks love x

    Ye, where it says the dive it was going to be a poster of a high ("hive" lol) dive act.

    i just hope i can get the timing looking that good in the final animation.

    x x x

  • i am half asleep :P

    just practice with timing til it looks right
    x x x

  • Hallo. First of all...Where's the rest of it? :P

    And secondly, might want to think about cropping some of those shots closer or raising the camera angle. For example: after "I really wish I didn't have to do this," you have him standing at the bottom of the ladder. There is SO much empty space in this shot. If you want him to look small and insignificant, you might want to do a camera shot from high up on the ladder looking down on him. Right now, you're just losing so much potential in that shot. :(

    Same with 15, 16, and 17. I liked the whole face expression thing out to the side. That was neat. ^.^

    And 25 and 26, same thing. Got space at the bottom that you could be using since you end up cropping off the top of his head in 26. If he starts to move further down the board, you can move the camera down.

    Eh, it's two in the morning. Just some suggestions. Take em or leave em. Can't wait for the rest of it! :D

  • Thanks for the critique Chelsey i appreciate it.

    I see what you mean about the large amount of empty space after "i wish i didn't have to do this" and frames 15-17.

    I'll try and bring it centered and move the camera in a little on the frame.

    The reason i have it like that is because i wanted to give the feeling that he's all alone in vast emptiness, i guess it doesn't come off like that.

    As for the top of the diving board, those frames most likely wont be there anyway as once the text "40 minutes and 49 feet later" finishes it will then be 3D animation.

    The reason for this is that i dont have the time left to animate the full animation so im focusing on the top of the diving board, this is so it will still tell the story to the audience as most of the main actions are on the top of the board.

    After i hand it in for my mark and universality is over i will then complete the full animation from start to finishes as Ed Hooks really showed interest in seeing it and i want to get it done to show him it.

    Anyway i hope you have a great sleep and i will talk to you soon i hope.

    and once again thanks for the suggestions i will take them all on board ^_^

  • Ed Hooks?! Like the Acting for Animators Ed Hooks!? For real?!

    Duuuuude... O.O

  • Ye Ed Hook ^_^

    the acting for animators Ed Hooks ^_^

    he comes to our university every year once or twice to look over peoples work and give acting classes.

    As long as i get something handed into uni for hand-in that all that matters for now but once thats out of the way i can start work on the proper animation.

    I know i set out to make a full animation for hand-in but i dont see me having the time for that right now but once hand-in is out the way i will have much more time.