Idea Change.....Slightly

So ye i've been thinking about my project and thinking about where i want to take it, im still doing the dive animation idea but im changing the way i planned to present my animation.

I have been looking at music options for my animation and i have landed on the choice of French Accordion music, specifically Ambiance musettienne

Sample - Ambiance Musettinne

I think this is a lovely peace of music and takes me to Paris every time i listen to it, it just has the right sound and feel to it.

So as i said i have changed my idea slightly, the music choice has a lot to do about it. as i have picked a French peace of music i will be making the animation a french circus animation now, this will involve little in the way of changing things that i have already done but i will have to change to way i was planning on up and coming things.

I will also be using a film noir style on my animation now, taking from the silent movies and incorporating the black cards that where using in the silent movies

Before i can really go ahead with this i will have to talk it over with Chris and see if he thinks it will work at all and if i will be taking on more then i can handle but i feel that i should be able to do it as i wont have to worry about texturing since its b/w and i will be able to use that time on researching the silent film style.

also i will be trying to take some reference from Stan Laurel when it comes to the emotions put across from my character.

here is an example of what i mean.

Also a collection of Stan Laurel's Boo-Hoo fits.....hope you enjoy.
YouTube Link - Stan Laurel Boo-Hoo!

anyway till next time keep well.