5th Meeting

Well today was my 5th meeting with Chris about the FYP, with Chris having a meeting for Animex sprung on him at the last minute he was about 45 mins late to our meeting but he made up for it when the meeting started.

This week was a group meeting, well that was the idea anyway...at the time the meeting was meant to start there was a total 4 people waiting (including myself)and there are i believe that there are 6 people in his group so it wouldn't have been a true group meeting anyway, sadly 2 of the people there at the start had to leave by the time Chris had gotten there so it ended up being just like a normal meeting (number of people wise).

Anyway as i said when the meeting started it was a great thing, Chris brought in a load of reports and animations, effects, drawing and other projects from previous years.

We had a look through the boxes and pulled out the ones that we felt would be a great asset to us and would help us in our own projects.

Looking at there work i found so many things that i didn't think of when doing my project and thinking about what path in my work i should take, one of my biggest worries has been the Viva at the end of the year where i present my work in front of a selection of mentors and im really dreading it but thanks to this look at other work i can see what i need to include and what i need to im prove on.

Next meeting i believe is a standard meeting where we talk about where we are in the projects and what we hope to have finished by the end of the month.

so until my next update, keep well.