Well, On To Animation!

So as i said my last post i have now handed in my digital report for my Final Year Project.

Although i have submitted it i still have work to do on the animation and that is what i will now be doing till Wednesday's handin.

As i was doing my report i created a couple more images and test renders that i thought you all might be interested in.

but first...............French Monkey ^^

So ye i did a couple of renders of the scene and played around what what it would look like in Black and White and in Color. For the B/W images i used a red filter in XSI but im starting to lean toward the green filter, sadly have already said i used the red filter in my report so i should probs stick with it.

Also after playing with the scene a little i was finding that it looks really nice in color so there might be a change to a color animation but that will be after the handin is over.....or if not a color animation i will still create some color stills for the crack of it ^_^

anyway here are the images.

Circus Black and White

At Point Of No Return

Circus Colored

Ladder Top color

so ye please let me know what you think of these are it would be great to get the feedback.

anyway back to the animation and once thats done i will upload it to my videos section.

laterz all.

  • Think the b and w looks better. I just always feel dirty when i do b and w these days though, seems almost cliche, but it does look nice.. dammit, going in circles. Cant believe your doing the animation in two days, thats less time i left myself in my last year! Crazy, good luck.

    I like the grimey texture on the tent.

  • Thanks for the feedback dude, i think so too, its just that the colors seem to work for the first time now that i worked out the lighting....i've not had a scene look so good before.

    even last year when i used all my FYP learning lighting and rendering it still looks better this time around ^_^

    im sure i can do it even if its just really strong blocking, at least its something....my report goes over a lot of the issues i had so i think im safe....but we'll see.

    thanks, it only took me about 10 mins to get it looksing like that.....creating textures is fun if you know what your doing :p