Test Animation - Shocked Turn

As i feel that im still not understanding animation very well i thought i would do some small test animations to increase my animation skills and hopefully help me understand the process of animation better.

I have been watching a load of tutorials from Keith Lango and taking on board everything he has said so far to do this animation.

I know there is still more that needs doing but over the next couple of days i hope to have that fixed as well.

My problem as i see it is that i understand about line of action, anticipation, phrasing, timing, spacing...etc, but when it comes to sitting at the computer and doing these things i just can't seem to get the grasp on it.

So this is why i am doing these animations, in hope that i will be able to work out how to put everything i know into the animation and get it working.

I will say one thing for this animation, although its not the best and i know that, it did help me to slot a couple of the things i was struggling with into place in my head and put them onto the computer.

anyway this is what i have.....

Émile Turn Around Angle 1

Émile Turn Around Angle 2

Key Poses - I feel i managed to create some strong poses with the character.

Turn - Pose 1

Turn - Pose 2

Turn - Pose 3

Turn - Pose 4

oh and i know the face needs a lot of work on it......its not rigged at all yet so it make its hard to do the right face animation.