Over and Done.....Kinda!!!!

This would have been posted yesterday but i needed sleep so very bad so sorry its late.

Well yesterday was the handin for my FYP (hard copy) and i got there at 11:50am and deadline was 12:00pm, but by the time the queue had gone down i go mine in for 12:05pm. lucky they said it doesn't matter so its all good.

anyway im just lucky i got it on the disc, as i was exporting my final video in Premier Pro i had nothing but problems, first every thing that happened was as i pressed export movie it decided to have a fatal error and closed then every time i opened the program it would come up with the message and close again, this happened every time i tried to do it, thankfully i had saved the project before pressing export so at least i had the file to use......so i went over to my Mac partition and went to open it in there but as im running CS4 on PC and CS3 on Mac it wouldn't open so i started to get worried and at this point i hadn't slept for around 35hrs so i was already at the end of my tether and was about to snap :(

so i thought i will just start to composite it all again but then Mac did't understand AVI files so i tried to convert but my copy of Prism for Mac had expired so i then went back over to the Windows partition to convert the files but as i was converting i wondered if After Effects would be able to open Premier files and luckily it did....so i exported all my work only to find that the compression i used made everything pixelated and un-viewable.

with only having 2hrs left till handin i exported it again as an AVI but without any compression, when i was finished the file ended up being 2.90GB and would only play in VLC player but it was working in something and viewable which was important.

anyway i got it handed in then went over to the Union to have a well deserved pint and some shots and by the time i got back home i had been awake for over 40hrs and i was in need of sleep so i ended up laying on my sofa and crashing ^^

so here are some videos for you guys to watch....let me know what you think..

the first one is what i handed in to the Uni, the second one is one that i did this morning and is how i wanted it to look but with all the software issues i could managed to get and the third one is a colored version of the second just cos i wanted a color version as well ^^


Submitted Version

Peferred Version (Black & White)

Preferred Version (Colored)

But DON'T think thats it is all over as i will be working on this project till its done, i want this animation for my showreel and to prove to myself that i can do it so i will still be updating as i go on with the project so please keep checking back.

so until next time, keep safe ^^