Quick Meeting

Well i manged to get hold of Chris at the end of my lesson today to go over the images and get some feedback, he suggested that i change the Big Top a little as at the moment it doesn't look very much like one so that is what i have done, the new image is in the Image section under the "Renders Of Scene Objects".

As well as talking about the images i mentioned the ending for the animation that u had came up with during class and although i didn't get the same reaction as i did from one of my class mates (Hemin Rasul) i feel he did see the element of humor to it, i will go over this when him more on Friday as that is when the next meeting will be held.

As i am still having some problems with my character design for this project i will be taking my drawings in with me in hope that he will be able to suggest what i can do with what i have and where i can take them design wise.

Also as my Project Specification is due in on Friday i have just finished that and sent it off to Chris in hope that it will be ok and i will be able to submit it as if i can't i dont know how i will be able to improve on it anymore then i already have on there at the moment, if it can be improved i hope that he put on the email what it is that i need to add to it to make it better and i will be lost otherwise.

Once i get the go ahead with the Specification and the ending is worked out i will post an update on here with all the information about it so stay tuned.

Well thats all for now, just a quick update about the project and where it is going, now to go do my storyboards (ruff ones) so i will talk to you all again soon.