3rd Meeting

Today i had my 3rd weekly meeting with Chris and we discussed my Project Specification, he said that everything was ok with it but it would be better if i was to add a schedule on it so now i have added a rough one that i will do my best to keep to. I have added a little slack on it so that if i take longer or shorter then it should be it wont effect my other projects.

I have added the dates to the post i made yesterday and you can see the revisions to it HERE.

I do wish that i had had more time to talk to him about my project but since there was another student there there wasn't much time left after Chris has talked to him.

The next meeting is meant to be a group one and we are going to be meeting each other for the first time and also getting to see what the students from last year did and what is classed as a fail, a pass and an A*.

For the meeting today i did manage to get my Storyboards partly done to show him, sadly though i didn't really get to show him and talk about them as much as i would have liked to.

My next step is to nail down the design of my character and hopefully get the character looking right in the portrait as well as profile.

I have manged to get the proportions for the character sorted its just hard to get the face looking right.

Well i guess thats all for this post but i do hope you keep checking back soon for more updates.